#FederalFront: What’s Next, KCR?

After taking quite aggressive stand against Narendra Modi and distancing from BJP, KCR has initiated anti-BJP and anti-Congress political force – called as Federal Front. KCR met several prominent leaders ranging from Mamata Banerjee to HD Deve Gowda to Stalin, Karunanidhi.

The Karnataka result where JD(S) collaborated with Congress to form the government is seen as a big disappointment to KCR personally. Since Congress is KCR’s arch rival in Telangana with whom he is politically fighting, his plans to form non-Congress and non-BJP Third Front may now become a distant dream. Since all opposite forces to Modi, including Congress, may unite to defeat Modi in 2019, this may become detrimental to KCR’s idea of non-Congress and non-BJP front.

Meanwhile, already KCR has had enough bad experiences regarding Federal Front. Be the meeting with Mamata Banerjee or the attempt to meet Navin Patnaik, they had turned into bad experiences for KCR.


During the meet with Mamata then, Mamata had reportedly questioned KCR that why is he not backing TDP’s No Confidence Motion against Modi and why is he not meeting Chandrababu Naidu who is waging battle against Modi and has great significance in national politics. If this is not enough, a section of reports claimed that Mamata had called KCR to appreciate him for his proposal on Third Front which was denied by Mamata’s office which clarified that it was KCR who called on Mamata to talk about alternate politics

On the other hand, Navin Patnaik too dropped a bomb when reports emerged that KCR’s office indicated that Naveen would like to meet KCR in first week of May to discuss politics.

An earlier press release from KCR’s team had stated then, “CM K Chandrashekhar Rao will meet Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik in the first week of May. This meeting is taking place as part of KCR’s efforts to bring in a qualitative change in the country’s politics. Since Odisha legislature is in session now, Navin Patnaik has invited KCR to meet him in the first week of May. For this KCR had agreed.” This had allegedly not gone down well with Naveen Patnaik who later denied.

“As far as I know, Telangana Chief Minister is going on pilgrimage to Puri. On the way he is paying a courtesy call; there is no discussion on federal front or anything to do with politics,” Naveen Patnaik had clarified then.

Cut To Present

Looks like, KCR has dropped plans to meet Naveen Patnaik after this. In between, the outcome of Karnataka is likely to force KCR to rethink on his plans of Federal Front. As Congress befriended Mamata, Mayawati, Akhilesh, Tejaswi Yadav and others, looks like non-Congress Front may be a difficult one.

Only Option

The only option left in front of KCR is to befriend BJP and Narendra Modi. In order to have say at Centre and to gain something for Telangana state, KCR must have to forge partnership with any national party. As he missed the bus of Federal Front, the only option left for KCR is to develop friendship with BJP and to join NDA. But the moot question is will BJP trust KCR? Will Modi allow KCR?