Are These Female Artists Forgetting Ethics??

Blasting Tollywood biggies for not reacting on the Casting Couch allegations and for not giving chances to local Telugu beauties, a group of female character artists have held a meeting other day. But more than their allegations, their stark satires on star heroes didn’t get well with netizens.

It could be noticed that those ladies made a mockery of some star heroes saying that they got almost 20-30 surgeries to look good which otherwise they look like monkeys. Also one of the character artists alleged that barring Prabhas and few others there are no heroes who have good height. Right now, even female fans of Telugu cinema are not liking these comments.

“Seems like these women character artists have forgotten ethics in the frustration that they are not getting offers. That is wrong. These are the same women who complained that Telugu producers are not giving them offers because they are fat and dark complexioned. But are they not doing the same body shaming then?” a lady asked on Twitter, reacting the videos of that meeting that are shared.

Another college student claimed, “If these women artists want to compare, they have to compare themselves with Rakul, Tamanna, Samantha and Kajal, but not with heroes”. Some say that this is an industry where 10 will get break among 1000 who try their luck. “Not all guys who try their luck will become Vijay Devarakonda or a Samantha” another user commented.

While few comments are being made by these female artists in the name of colour, some netizens feel that it is a wrong accusation. “All guys who are dark like Rajnikanth and Vishal won’t become star heroes. All those girls who are super fair like Tamanna and Rakul will not become star heroines. There are many handsome guys and fair looking girls, who faded out with just one film. The film industry is all about luck and time” some say.

No matter how many surgeries some heroes have got done or how much height they are, they are pulling crowds and crores from the box office. That’s what you need to succeed in films end of the day.