Fight With BJP : Naidu Wins Muslims Hearts

After quitting NDA and moving for No Confidence Motion, Muslim community in Andhra Pradesh has welcomed Naidu’s decision to part ways with BJP. A group of people representing the community, under the leadership of MLA Jaleel Khan has met Chandrababu Naidu and felicitated him.

During the interaction, Chandrababu Naidu has explained the situation and the timeline of events on how BJP has cheated AP. Naidu alleged that BJP tried to “suppress” him with the support of ‘corrupt’ YSR Congress Party.

Supporting Muslims reservations, Chandrababu has given assurance to the community that he would stand by them. He even advised Muslims to hire a high-level advocate in Delhi to fight against Centre in Muslim reservations issue. Naidu has given a call to the community to support TDP and asked everyone to spread the message that the Centre has cheated the state.

Meanwhile, Naidu also mentioned about Pawan Kalyan and found fault with the timing of his attack on him. He said that how all the forces in the state, centre are acting against him, but he said he is for people and working hard day and night for people. Naidu recalled the supply of water to Krishna district, Rayalaseema and avoiding drought. He sought the support of Muslim community and promised them of increasing budget, benefits in the coming days.

This is a smart political move by seasoned politician Naidu. After parting with BJP, he has become close to Muslims.