After Fight With Pawan, Murthy Gets Fresh Job!

‘Mahaa’ Murthy who had resigned to his post in Mahaa news owing to his alleged ‘sting’ operation against Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena, has got a new job. Murthy would be joining TV5 news channel. Sources in the know confirmed the development. Murthy’s role and his post are not yet revealed. It is buzzed that it is going to be a significant role.

Murthy had earlier aired a story in Mahaa news over Janasena’s ‘secret meeting’ which was held to meet the potential donors for the party from a particular community. This story seems to have put Murthy in a tight spot. However, Murthy stood by his story and claimed that he hasn’t revealed several facts although he knew about them.

After resigning, Murthy in a YouTube video interview stated that he didn’t want to trouble the management of the channel (Mahaa) and its employees for his stories. He said he has put in papers for fair reasons. This is after Pawan’s hard core fans have heavily criticized Murthy and his stories online. The war between Pawan’s fans and Murthy seems to have become head-ache for the channel.

Let’s see, what would be Murthy’s fresh stand in the new job.