Film Bites Dust, PRO Buys Damn Good Flat

In the film industry, at every stage, there is money involved and at every position, some can make extra-income by resorting to malicious ways. If someone is denying this, either they never got the opportunity or they are in the pipeline of wetting hands already with off-the-grid income.

Recently a film has released and bitten the dust as well. As there are no big stars in the film there is no reach for it at the box office. But to make sure that every media house promotes it well, the producer has agreed to the ‘price’ quoted by the film’s PRO in order to spend on ads, publicity materials, special write-ups and others. But where is that publicity work?

While the PRO confirmed to the producer that even though they have promoted the film with almost 80 lakhs rupees, no one liked to catch the film of this hero in theatres. Fact is that only 15 lakhs is spent on promotions and the rest went into the PRO’s pocket.

At a time when the producer is calculating the losses and applying Burnol to the wounds he got inflicted with, the PRO is said to be laughing his way to the bank. That said, no one other than themselves knows how much really the producer gave and if the PRO really made some side-income out of it, but Film Nagar is full of this rumour now.