Both Films Can’t Beat Baahubali

For an industry that was riding on hero’s mass image, Baahubali came as a huge market-changer. After that the craze has returned for movies that give a kick only when watched on the big screen.Also, after figuring out the huge market, film-makers are now crazy about making socio-fantasy films.

So the latest film to hit big screen is Robot 2.0. Of course, for now only the teaser has come out, but the film barely managed to tickle the audience. The film is being made with a budget of Rs 500 crore as per makers, but it hasn’t pleased the audiences or fans one bit.

Then there is Thugs of Hindustan, which appears to be a period film heavily inspired by The Pirates of the Carribean. But the audience are not particularly thrilled with the trailer.Now it remains to be seen how the film will do in terms of content and graphics by the time it hits screens.