Films only for fans?

When ever people and movie lovers happen to watch the movie launch, audio launch or success meets of the films, film makers give grandiose statements that they have made the films according to the aspirations of the fans of the heroes, Those who watched the audio releases of Racha, Gabbar Singh, Dammu etc, will remember the statements from the producers and directors of respective films.
This make many wonder whether TFI and those associated with it decided to alienate all sections of people and confine themselves to fans. Fans are actually formed from people who are inspired by the acts of particular hero, and even though they did not benefit in anyway from the hero, go to the extent of even giving their lives. So they reach a point where they can not digest their hero’s defeats and flops or appreciate other heroes good performances. So even heroes don’t want to disappoint their fans.
But one wonder whether any film’s success depend just on fans watching the film?. For any film to become a super hit or block buster and rewrite existing records, it needs more than fans support. Needs repeated audience. Even if fans watch the film each ten times, the film won’t be a success. Fans will only help in huge opening collections, free publicity and first day talk. If buyers and distributors should reach break even then they need encouragement from general public and ordinary movie lover.
So if fans only watch the film there is no guarantee for film’s success. If fans repeatedly watch the film then it will reach minimum guarantee. If general public watch then it will be a hit and if women folk throng theaters then the film will be superhit. When even children join them the film will be a blockbuster and goes on to become a trend setter.