Films performances stunned critics

When ever any new film releases, film critics come with their reviews and ratings and many feel that movie lovers watch films based on their ratings. However some of the films performances at box office left even seasoned critics stunned and made them wonder where they went wrong.
When ‘Gabbar Singh’ was released many were critical of ‘Antakshari’ scene and felt that second half dragged a bit which may prove to be negative point for the film. However the same scene turned out to be superhit and even Bollywood film makers vied with each other to bag the rights of the particular scene.
Same was the case of ‘Julaayi’. Analysts wrote the film off and pointed out that second half was worthless. However the film turned out to be another crowd puller. Most recent case is that of ‘Sudigadu’ . Second half dragged testing the patience of critics.
All this made film critics wonder where they went wrong. Many feel they did not analyse the mentality of movie lovers. They are just looking out for enjoyment and entertainment however illogical the storyline may be. They look films as medium of entertainment and not to watch the same cry baby sobbing stories which they have many in reel life. Even ‘Eega’ became hit not for Eega’s antics but villain Sudeep’s expressions.
This doesn’t mean that they enjoy any rubbish comedy and double meaning dialogues with out even an iota of story in the film. This was proven in the case of ‘All the Best’ bombing at the box office. So film critics while reviewing a film should not look from technical aspects but from the heart of movie lover.