All Fingers Pointing Towards Pawan!

Pawan Kalyan’s call for Joint Facts Finding Committee was welcomed by many intellectuals, politically-active citizens of the state who pinned high hopes on the committee. After several discussions, deliberations and live telecast of TV channels for hours, the end result of the committee has not helped people by any way. This clearly indicates that JFC is a big stunt by Pawan to “fool” many including the thinking class.

In fact, the motive behind Pawan’s JFC was exposed when Pawan had called it as Joint Facts Finding Committee rather than Joint Action Committee. Pawan, who always afraid of any physical action other than just calling for press conferences and public functions, yet again confined himself to the ‘preaching’ politician.

“Let alone actions, even what Pawan says on record, he doesn’t stand by. He often twists and turns his words and in turn blames media for misinterpretation, wrong understanding,” commented a senior political journalist, political observer on condition of anonymity.

After admitting on record that he doesn’t have any substantial proofs against his allegations on TDP, Nara Lokesh, Pawan’s spokespersons on the very next day states that they have”all necessary proofs” but will only reveal them when it is “needed”. So, by this Pawan’s spokesperson condemns party president Pawan’s own statement.

“JFC is a big drama to pose that he is neutral. Whereas the truth is known to everyone that he is BJP’s Chamcha. Pawan is good actor in real life too,” commented a TDP’s senior leader.