Fire accident in Jubilee Hall after Pranab campaign !

There was a fire accident in the Jubilee Hall here. If it took place 15 minutes earlier, there would have been a stampede leading to unwanted incident, felt the scribes, who gathered at the Jubilee Hall to cover the UPA’s Presidential candidate Pranab Mukherjee’s address to the media.
The media meet was held in the front Hall of the Jubilee Hall where Pranab has addressed them and left. Just two minutes after his departure from the Hall, fire engulfed the main Hall with huge smoke clouds. Fortunately, the fire occurred after the Chief Guest and the Chief Minister and MLAs and others left the Hall. “If not a stampede would have occurred due to the fire incident”, said some MLAs and scribes present at the venue.
Fire was caused due to a short circuit in the Air Condition Unit and it has created tension. Due to a spark in the Air-Condition unit, the fire occurred on the roof of the Jubilee Hall.
It is learnt that the officials of the Jubilee Hall has switched on the entire Air Condition unit of the whole Jubilee Hall including the Legislative Council Hall since morning with over enthusiasm. This resulted in overheat and sparks occurred in the unit leading to fire. Fortunately, a fire engine was stationed there due to the Chief Minister’s presence at the Jubilee Hall. The fire engine staff have immediately reacted to the incident and brought the fire under control within minutes. Jubilee Hills MLA Vishnu Vardhan Reddy and CLP staff also tried their best to stop the fire. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy opened the Carbon dioxide gun, which was there at the Hall. Later, four more fire engines have come to the Jubilee Hall to control the fire.