First Ever Pak Actress Makes Her Cannes Debut

Since last two days, pictures from Cannes Film Festival are shaking Indian internet users as our celebs poured all the hotness on the red carpet. After the return of Kangana Ranaut and Aishwarya Rai from Cannes, Sonam Kapoor took the beacon of fire.

While Indian hotties are charming the festival this way, a Pakistani actress who has shot to fame after acting in Shahrukh Khan’s film “Raees” is now making the most there. Mahira Khan is the one we’re talking about and this hot lady has walked the ramp for the first time, both for her and her country. With simple makeup and sleeveless outfits, Mahira tried to show both glamour and grace with her avatars.

While flaunting cleavages is the biggest fetish of the starlets walking Cannes red carpet, Mahira contained herself in not-so-revealing dresses because she knows about the backlash she has to face in the conservative society back home. But her saree look coupled with a backless blouse stood top, while her modern outfits also added sparkle.

Unfortunately, Mahira didn’t take enough from India earlier after politicians in Maharashtra threatened to destroy film sets and disrupt releases if Pak actors are given prominence here. She didn’t promote Raees.