First Ever Response On Abhiram SriReddy Pics

It’s unfortunate that none from industry are condemning the acts of Sri Reddy and Co, but this group of people are throwing cheap allegations and defaming us. It’s high time we open our mouths” says Jeevitha, opening up on the alleged leaks done by Sri Reddy regarding ace producer Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram Daggubati.

“We’ve seen Abhiram Daggubati and Sri Reddy’s photos. So what is wrong in those pictures? Are a group of people forcing her to kiss the guy? Is Abhiram pulling her by the hair to kiss him? They look like consensual stuff. And now that she is alleging Abhiram of luring her on the pretext of offers, we should hear Abhiram’s version on this. Without that, how could we conclude that he exploited her?” asked Jeevitha, voicing her opinion uprightly. She underlined that someone could not be called a victim until the other side is also heard.

Jeevitha expressed doubts that maybe Sri Reddy and Abhiram have dated, and dating is a universal thing happening everyone. So why blame him now in that way after dating him for a while? is what she asks. “They are not complaining about this to anyone including Film bodies and police, because they fear that other-side will also have strong argument” she pointed out.

“Why are highlighting only a small ‘minus’ of the industry, but not propagating the ‘positive’ things happening here?” asked Jeevitha, irking the media people out there.