First Look: Avunu-2 Elephant Doubled The Fear

Creative chap Ravibabu is always known for coming up with something new even if it is a film poster. His boundless creativity always takes over the subject and then wins hearts of people though box-office hits are eluding from a while. Here comes his latest flick ‘Avunu 2’ and as we can’t forget the impact created by teaser yet, here goes all out to thrill us with First Look poster of the movie. 
Horror sequel ‘Avunu 2’ features the same elephant and heroine Poorna (Shamna Khasim) in a red outfit. But this time the elephant boasted its wilderness as it tries outrage the housewife by pulling away her saree. Probably this is an indication that Ravibabu wants to scare more than the first edition of this horror offing. A hit is not coming this director’s way from a time, so let’s hope this horror will instill fear among cine lovers and money in his pockets.