First Talk: Adhinayakudu Is Politically Hit

Balakrishna’s long awaited movie, Adhinayakudu has hit theatres finally amidst hype and expectations. Here goes the first talk of it.
Balayya is an exception always when it comes to delivering punch dialogues and it is proved once again with ‘Adhinayakudu’ it seems. They say that first half is a high voltage action treat while second half is stricken with emotion and sentiment. Like all those Balayya’s movies, heroines are used to a max once again to fulfil the desires of lusting fans. Lakshmi Rai as a whole and Saloni in a song are shaking the masses with their raw glamour. Action episodes and fighting scenes are as usual at their cinematic best sans liberties to enthral fan base.
However keeping the commercial success of this movie aside, cine lovers are saying that it will surely help Balayya’s political career. Every dialogue of the movie seemed to be a punch for opposition parties in the state. Watch out for our review in that regular column!