First time: Father-son actors duo’s open fight


In the film industry, heirs of popular stars making big is no big deal. Except a few, most of the big heroes today are the star kids who made entry into films with their fathers’ cine background. But no one fought with their actor fathers till date. Here comes a situation where an actor’s son is directly locking horns with his father. Aadi is directly colliding with his father Saikumar on coming 8th august.

By now it might have become obvious that dialogue king Saikumar and young hero Aadi’s films are going to release on the same day. Yeah. Aadi’s ‘Galipatam’ and Saikumar’s ‘Janmasthanam’ are slated for August 8 release. While Aadi’s film is a romantic entertainer certified A’, Saikumar’s film is a thriller drama certified U/A. Galipatam is going to cash on the youth while Janmasthanam reportedly is going to cater to the tastes of the female audiences. The father-son duo, by coincidence are going to compete with each other and for the cine lovers, this seemingly is gonna be an interesting war.