#Fitness Challenge: It’s Too Hot Samantha

The #FitnessChallenge started by Union Minister and famous sports person Rajavardhan Rathod is being embraced by all the celebs. Last night, we’ve Akhil challenging his brother Naga Chaitanya to showcase his fitness workout, and the Chay challenged his wife Samantha. Here comes the epic reply from her.

Like everyone, Samantha also posted her workout video, this time doing pull-ups in the gym. Using the hashtag #humfittohindiafit she showcased her strength as well as her sexy looks. Yes, she’s unbelievably hot in that gym attire and definitely, it’s making many rocks melt while the workout is melting her fat and strengthening the muscles.

She says: “For years every time my trainer said ‘pull up’ I would fake a headache, a bad day at work, a stomach ache, toothache, my non-existent puppy is terribly sick and I have to leave blah blah blah. So although this is far from a pull up I am glad that I finally have decided to try. We are never too old to change . Fitness for me has never been about looking good, it is about discipline, respect, confidence and strength”

And then, Samantha extended the baton to challenge Upasana Konidela, Shilpa Reddy and Rakul Preet. But we have already seen Rakul sharing her fitness workouts video wherein she showcased that sizzling avatar, and maybe she will share another one for her good friend.