Five Interesting Things Around Tamanna

These days for every little small thing to all the big occasions, everyone is taking to social media to express their feelings and cravings. Especially when it comes to film stars, that is huge.In the recent days, film actress Tamanna Bhatia has revealed more interesting stuff through her social media pages than letting anyone know about anything directly. Let’s have a look at them.

One: Tamanna shared a picture of her from the shooting spot of “Devi 2.0” where they are shooting in the beaches of Mauritius. There, she will be seen as both a modern starlet and also the dark coloured middle-class girl. But her picture from the beach is awe!!

Two: Like the way she shot for many magazines earlier, she posed for Wedding Times now and her amazing display of that sexy waist is catching the attention.

Three: She shared a picture from her upcoming movie “That Is Mahalakshmi” which happens to be the remake of super hit “Queen”. The look is so dramatic that few fans of the original might get hurt.

Four: With her pet dog Pebbles falling ill and getting treated, Tamanna realised that she shouldn’t eat meat from now onwards. She boasts a lot now about turning vegan.

Five: Tamanna hasn’t announced this, but she is onboard for Vishal’s next film, making it clear that she’s not going to give up anytime soon. Despite having no hits from years, she has half-dozen films in hand now.