What Is This Flirting Posani Garu???

Before 2009, writer-director-actor Posani Krishnamurali is very vocal in supporting Telugudesam party. Later he has blown the tunes of Praja Rajyam Party. Then he joined the chorus of YSR Congress thereby signing lullabies for them in 2014 elections. And now he’s beating the drums of Pawan Kalyan in AP and KCR in Telangana, though he hasn’t said anything about joining Janasena. So, what’s this flirting with various parties anyway?

That’s the reason many believe that though Posani’s talk is honest, his comments are not gaining any credibility as he keeps on changing his bases. With him supporting a different party every other year, how could anyone believe his views? The actor has an explanation for this.

“I came out of TDP because that party lost credibility when Chiranjeevi floated his political outfit. When PRP emerged, TDP leaders started attacking Chiranjeevi on a personal level by talking about his wife and his family’s ladies. That upset me. Later some people in PRP misguided Chiranjeevi, and hence I’ve come out of that party too. I felt like Jagan is honest and all those disproportionate assets cases are just a political vendetta. So I’ve supported him. Now I feel like Pawan Kalyan is the right person for AP politics. So what’s wrong with my views?” Posani asks.

Supporting his claim of KCR is the only honest leader he has seen in the recent times, Posani fired some flattery as well. “We went to Telugu Mahasabhalu because there is honesty in KCR. He’s a leader. If he also appoints jury members from Velama caste and gives Nandi-like awards to only Velamas, then I will reject his Nandi as well and will attack him too. But KCR won’t ever do such cheap stuff” added Posani.

Well, it’s up to Posani to find out with whom he will flirt, but his admirers want him to stay neutral and speak the truth, rather inclining towards one particular political outfit.