Flop Director to Launch Mahesh’s Nephew

We have already reported that superstar Mahesh Babu’s nephew, Ashok Galla (son of TDP MP Galla Jaydev) will soon make his acting debut. Dil Raju will launch the youngster.

With the involvement of big names like Mahesh, Galla Jaydev and Dil Raju, one would expect a star director or at least a successful director to direct the project. But, surprising all, a flop director has reportedly been roped in to launch Ashok.

Krishna Reddy, who made his directorial debut with Sudheer Babu-starrer “Aadu Magaadra Bujji”, the only film that he has directed so far, has been assigned with the responsibility of launching Ashok Galla as hero. Reddy had earlier assisted Rajamouli.

Actually, some other director had prepared the script of this film. For some reasons, he got replaced by Krishna Reddy. It is heard that Sudheer Babu recommended the name of Reddy to Galla Jaydev and Dil Raju, and that’s how he bagged the big opportunity in spite of having delivered a flop earlier.

The film will be launched in the first week of May.