Flop Director Throwing Bunny’s Name?

He has delivered back-to-back disasters with star heroes like no one else. And the producers of his films ran into multi-crore losses and distributors burnt their hands. Yet, he is close to a big family in the industry and is also friend of Superstar. He often plays with Superstar’s kids so much. Given his track record, no one in the industry dares to do films with film. But all have been good and nice to him. He is regular at the parties, birthday bashes and usual hangouts of heroes, directors.

And industry people also are seeing him more like a friend than a director. Apart from one or two commercials, he hasn’t directed a feature film in longtime. Now, this director is said to be claiming that he is in plans to direct Allu Arjun. This is what leaves everyone in shock.He is apparently telling his aides and folks that he would direct Allu Arjun and he said Bunny is also keen to do with him provided impressive story, treatment.

Now this has become laughing stock in industry circuits. No doubt, he might be close to a big family and also very close to Superstar, but profession is different from personal relations. Before expecting stars to give him one more chance, he should rather prove himself by doing some popular web-series or do a movie with newcomers and score a hit and then dream about directing Bunny, say industry folks.