Four Big Producers After This Director

Tollywood producers are desperate to snatch talented directors. There are not many directors who can deliver hits with newcomers or non-stars.When Ajay Bhupathi made debut with a bang, producers are now queuing up to his residence to sign him.Ajay Bhupathi made debut with “RX 100” a bold romantic drama featuring two newcomers in the lead roles. The film raked in Rs 2.5 Cr (share) in just two days from Telugu states. The film has now entered in profit zone. All in two days.

No body knew who Ajay Bhupathi is or the movie’s stars Karthikeya and Payal Rajput. Yet, the director brought in openings with his trailer cut.Producers believe that he has got the pulse of youth and they are giving fancy advances. Four prominent producers have already given him huge advances.

Though “RX 100” has no great content, the director’s bold approach in filmmaking struck a chord with a section of audiences. Producers are also looking for the same.