Free Power to Farm a farce

Free Power scheme implemented by AP once attracted the attention of entire country and even some other states got inspired by the scheme and started implementing it. However after some time the then AP CM realized the ineffectiveness of the program and planned to make a policy change over. He issued a statement that due to power cuts free power scheme is a farce and electric wires can be used for hanging clothes.
However his words are misunderstood and he subsequently lost elections, with rival parties campaigning against him saying Babu was acting at the behest of World Bank. The successive governments continued this populist free power scheme to farmers. However with free power and power cuts going hand in hand, the scheme itself started losing its significance.
Had free power to farmers served its purpose there wouldn’t have been so many suicides and so many farmers wouldn’t have lost their lives. When farmers need free power there won’t be any power due to power cuts and at midnight or during nights free power supply will be there. One wonder the callacious attitude of authorities and whether they are using their common sense to the fore. Otherwise how could they imagine farmers can farm their land in nights using free power.
In the midst of all this Power Supply authorities slap lakhs and lakhs of bills even for free power supply making mockery of farmers and common public taking them for a ride.