Free Publicity For Rajamouli’s Eega!

In Bollywood, people create gossips between the lead pair and rifts between heroine and producer prior to the release of movie. This will help them in getting that ‘free publicity’ in media. Such stuff is now happening to ‘Eega’ too.
‘Eega’ is always an exception to rumors as the big brand name before its title is enough to heap audience in theatres. SS Rajamouli, the Jakkanna of Tollywood, is however getting additional publicity for ‘Eega’ at free cost. With Rajamouli getting invited to most of the happening functions of tinsel town, there is no need to promote ‘Eega’ separately.
Whenever he glimpses on screen, people are being flashed with his latest movie in their minds. More than a ‘celebrity’, Rajamouli has become a lucky charm for all the events he is attending, reveals a source. Whatever may be the reason, this time his continuous presence in the media will help boosting opening collections for this much awaited science-fiction movie.