Gabbar Singh and EEGA turned Trouble for Ram

Having huge releases has become the game of big heroes and directors in Telugu cinema today. So, whenever a big film is ready for release, the smaller ones have to wait for the tide to pass away or safely hide aside and strike when the coast is clear. When too many big films are lined up for release, it will be torturous for the small films to be in ‘waiting’ for so long.
Right now Ram’s Endukante Premanta is suffering a lot due to a series of big films releasing with a gap of a fortnight or less. This film was complete long back and is waiting for the right time to catch the attention of audience. However, Gabbar Singh and Eega have pushed it to third week of June for the moment.
Summer advantage is completely lost and Endukante Premanta should be very good to bring audiences to the theaters after being thoroughly entertained by so many biggies. Endukante Premanta is not a small film, but when compared to the likes of Gabbar, Dammu and Eega, it is a tiny film it has turned out to be the kabaddi zone for all these big films.