‘Gabbar Singh’ is far above Salman Khan

For all those constructively thinking critics, here is somewhat dissimilar analysis going in film circles on pawan kalyan and his upcoming ‘Gabbar Singh.’ For any hero who is attempting a remake with other language super duper hit films, logically comparisons are to bob up with original to do damage the remake. Unlikely feature happening these days with ‘Gabbar Singh’ is expectations are rising far and far.
More than Salman’s actual mannerisms in ‘Dabangg,’ our Telugu people are finding pawan kalyan as perfectly suitable for the cop character. However, just one dialogue in first teaser and two dance movements in today released audio promo are seen as enough samples to witness a Powerful Comedy Treat in coming days. With few more days left for audio launch function, clear observation is ‘Gabbar Singh’ will not have any adverse effects either from superb run of ‘Dabangg’ or its hero Salman because Pawan Is Special and just incomparable.