Gabbar Singh Lessons For Sampath Nandi

Pawan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’ has redefined the commercial angle of a mass entertainer. The film stands as a benchmark for directors in etching a breezy action film that got a sloppy story line.
One director who has made his first mass entertainer and partly succeeded with it is none other than Sampath Nandi. ‘Racha’ stood as a winner for fans, but still lacked that appeal to mesmerize regular audience. But, Gabbar Singh showed a true potential by exploiting Pawan’s energy with his terrific screenplay. Critics say that complete credit of this stupendous success goes to director Harish Shankar.
They say that young makers aiming to direct star-heroes should follow the style of Harish, to make the film success in all possible ways. Tight screenplay and punch dialogues from Harish Shankar are making fans and general audiences go mad for Power Star, while the movie is expected to shatter some industry records.