Gabbar Singh Movie Review – 3.5 /5

Rating : 3.5/5

Movie : Gabbar Singh
Starring : Pawan Kalyan,Sruthi Hasan
Producer : Bandla Ganesh
Director : Harish Shankar
Music : Devisri Prasad

Your Verdict of Gabbar Singh-

For the first time in his career, Pawan Kalyan has played the character of a rowdy cop in Kondaveedu region. He has a bitter past as his mother marries another man and his step father does not see him. He parts away from them and becomes Police. Inspired by Gabbar Singh character in Sholay, Venkat Ratnam Naidu (Pawan) calls himself Gabbar Singh. Later, breeze and wind together blows in his life in the form of Bhagya Lakshmi (Shruti Hassan) and Siddappa Naidu (Abhimanyu Singh, a local goon). The rest of the story is all about how he combats with Sidappa Naidu and wins Bhagya Lakshmi’s hand.
This is the most energetic performance of Pawan Kalyan after Jalsa. His action as Rowdy Police is Mind-Blowing.His dances, action sequences, comedy carried the complete grip of the movie.His superb timing, excellent comedy, punch dialogues and stupendous mannerisms will mesmerize fans. He had put in extra bit in dances too this time.
Shruti Hassan played the role of a village girl, She managed to come out well and added colour to the screen. Ali as Constable Samba is good in managing some good comedy with Pawan Kalyan. Brahmi is good as Recovery Agent Ranjith Kumar. Nagineedu and Suhasini are okay in the roles. Fish Venkat got a good role after long long time
Abhimanyu Singh is just about ok as Siddhappa Naidu. Rao Ramesh is good in a brief role as minister. Ajay, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Tanikella Bharani are totally wasted in insignificant roles. Happy days fame Gayatri gets a good role.

Technical Performances
Harish Shankar, the director of the movie calls himself an ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan and he exactly portrayed Pawan Kalyan in a way, a fan wanted to see. He elevated the heroism at the same time handled the story, though Harish Shankar added some dose over these scenes. His dialogues stand out mixed with typical attitude and mannerism of Pawan. Direction of the first half of the movie is brilliant and is a bit let down in the second half. All the songs are neatly picturized especially ‘Dil Se’, ‘Pilla’ and ‘Gabbar Singh’ songs will stand out. Malaika Arora’s Kevvu Keka will make masses frenzy.
Music by Devi Sri Prasad is really awesome for the movie ,Kevvu keka will for sure enthrall the masses ,Re recording,Back ground score is good. Fights by Ram Laxman especially the pre interval and climax fight is good, Cinematography is excellent especially during the fights and swiss song picturization. Ediitng in the second half could have been better.
1. Pawan kalyan rocked his way with his mark of action and comedy
2. Dialogues written by Harish Shankar
3. Picturization of songs especially those shot in Swiss
4. Kabaddi scene in the first half and Anthyakshari scene in the second half are hilarious
1. Major characters are under used
2. Weak Climax
3. Poor editing and direction in second half

While it is known that Dabangg is a blockbuster hit, director Harish Shankar made ample changes to this remake script to suit the Telugu audiences taste and the film will be liked by all mass movie lovers. Gabbar Singh script had all the elements required for commercial entertainer and when Power Star Pawan Kalyan stepped in, the expectations were at peaks and director Harsih Shankar lived up to the expectations by taking the originality in Dabangg and adding elegance and Telugu flavour to it, say for instance Kabaddi fight and Antyakshari sequences. Pawan Kalyan trusted in director abilities and Harish Shankar believed in Pawan Kalyan’s style, charisma and his energy levels and Gabbar Singh resulted in an effective output.
Dialogues are one of the major highlights, punch liners like “Nenu time ni nammanu naa timing ni nammuthanu”, “Perantam annaka aadollu, Pekata annaka policelu ravadam common”, “charitra gurinchi chatha buttalu gurinchi nenu pattinchukonu…” Brahmi saying, “Meemalini Ayudala tho kadhu vayidhala tho champestha” were hilarious and punchy.
The first half of the film is packed with full dosage of entertainment, heroism, dances and ample comedy. Entire first half runs on rapid pace and is totally entertaining. Second half moves on a bit slow pace but the entertaining dialogues lifted the tempo and elevated the scenes. Harish Shankar has taken care that the film is packed with ample entertainment and it worked.
Final Verdict:
The first half of the movie goes on with high pace with some good comedy and elevated heroism. Coming to second half the movie gets into some emotional scenes and gets slow down as the depth in the story is being evaluated. However, the movie will go well with fans and masses due to the good entertainment and mass elements. The movie will be much of a respite for Pawan Kalyan who is reeling under flops for a long long time. Thumbs Up to Gabbar Singh team!