Gabbar Singh Producer’s Official Cheating

Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh broke the all time first week record by amassing a mammoth total of Rs. 35 crores+ (approximate) share in the first week itself. Despite breaking all the existing records, Gabbar Singh numbers were not given to the press and media. Producer Ganesh simply stated that their film created a new record and didn’t announce the collection figures officially for ‘obvious’ reasons.
When a film breaks a record officially, what is the big deal in publishing the figures, unless the producer wants to cheat by paying less tax? Bandla Ganesh said that he learnt of being honest after meeting Pawan Kalyan. Then what happened to his honesty now? Isn’t it a crime to hide the genuinely earned income?
Pawan Kalyan fans have been complaining that Ganesh with the help of distributors is deliberately filling in less amounts in DCR to avoid taxes. Pawan Kalyan usually stays away from collections and records and even now he is not tracking the figures. Ganesh openly stated that he don’t want to announce the record amount for certain reasons. This is raising doubts over his loyalty towards Pawan Kalyan and his fans.