Gap in Nandamuri family

The rift in the Nandamuri family appears to be widening with Bala Krishna on one side and Jr. NTR and his father Hari Krishna on the other, taking firm stance against each other.

While Hari Krishna chose to stand by his son Jr. NTR when he was lashed by Bala Krishna, his other son Kalyan Ram and Taraka Ratna stood by Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and declared that he was the heir of late N T Rama Rao, founder of the TDP.

Sr. NTR’s grand-children Taraka Ratna and Kalyan Ram, both heroes, declared support to Chandrababu, widening the rift between Jr. NTR and rest of the family members. Though Bala Krishna declared that stern disciplinary action would be taken against Jr. NTR if he did not condemn the use of his pictures in the publicity bannes of the YSR Congress, he hesitated to proceed any further, after his elder brother Hari Krishna intervened and condemned his statement.

 It may be recalled that Hari Krishna questioned how could any fan be faulted for using the legendary actor and leader’s photograph. On the use of Jr. NTR’s picture by the YSR Congress, he said he had already declared that he had nothing to do with it and that should be the end of the matter. He said his son (Jr. NTR) could not be faulted for what some one else did. Hari Krishna also threatened that if he opened his mouth, several fcts would come out. He challenged (Balayya) to come before the public and answer his questions.  With this stern warning, Balayya became silent.

However, Taraka Ratna and Kalyan Ram chose to be loyal to Balayya as both are still budding actors and had not gained star status like Jr. NTR. As Bala Krishna has considerable influence in the film industry, they feared to antagonize him and possibly at his behest, they declared support to Chandrababu. Kalyan Ram declaring support to Chandrababu is being seen as a defiance of Hari Krishna at the behest of Balayya. This is seen as a clear rift in the Nandamuri family.

It is being said that both Taraka Ratna and Kalyana Ram are of the view that if at all there should be leadership dispute, it should be Bala Krishna because of his age and seniority that should lead the entire family and not Jr. NTR. This is the reason why they chose to support Chandrababu as Bala Krishna is also supporting him.

Meanwhile, Jr. NTR’s protegee and defiant TDP MLA Kodali Nani declaring that he has been in regular touch with Jr. NTR is also being widely discussed in the TDP circles. Nani said simply because a person differed with the TDP or the party chief Chandrababu Naidu, it should not mean that he should snap ties with Nandamuri family. He declared that he would not snap his ties with the hero. However Jr. NTR had not condemned the statement of Nani. Bala Krishna and Chandrababu expected Jr. NTR to snap ties with Nani as he strongly criticized Chandrababu Naidu, apart from leaving the party.

Jr. NTR’s attitude is seen as clear defiance of the supremacy of Bala Krishna or Chandrababu. Discussion in political circles is that for the 2014 elections, Jr. NTR would support YSR Congress silently and for 2019 elections he would choose a political destination for himself.