Gas blocks on Jaipal’s CM road

Petroleum Minister at Centre, Jaipal Reddy would have never expected even in his dreams that CM aspirations would take such a heavy dent. When ever there was speculation of Change in CM post in Andhra Pradesh, Jaipal Reddy’s name used to crop up. Telangana MLAs and Ministers support him as he hails from the region and hope his ascendence to CM post, will be a signal for the formation of Telangana. Similarly MLAs and MPs from other regions support him as in many instances Jaipal voiced statements for united Andhra Praesh. Jaipal Reddy however decided to bid his time as he felt the situation and conditions in state his not conducive for him to become CM. He was of the opinion that with byelections every now and then and ministers divided on regional lines it would be difficult for him to get along, which tarnishes his image.
However when reports of change of CM started coming from Delhi and CM reeling under byelection losses, many felt that this time Jaipal will take CM post and try to rejunevate the party and cadre. Suddenly all his dreams were dashed with AP reeling in actute power shortage and shocking revelation that AP’s power has been diverted for Maharashtra’s project. While this generated lot of controversy, many made representation to PM in the leadership of CM kiran Kumar. Jailpal till now did not open his mouth raising suspicions about his role. While some tried to support him, many did not buy their argument that all happened prior to him becoming minister and he wasn’t even aware of the fact. Many feel Kiran with gas issue checkmated Jaipal’s moves of becoming CM of AP. Kiran’s moves finally evoked meek response from Jaipal stating that he has made representation to PM and the problem would be solved soon.