Gauri Khan upset with Shahrukh – Priyanka Rumors

The wise men say that a man can be a lion at heart and can bash up hundreds outside but he doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to his wife. And even superstar celebrities are no exception to that. This we say after hearing the news about one big hero of Indian cinema who rules millions of hearts.
He is none other than Shahrukh Khan. The Bollywood Baadshah is reportedly dancing to the tunes of his wife Gauri Khan. Well, recently grapevine began to make rounds that hell broke loose with SRK’s ‘closeness’ towards co-star Priyanka Chopra. So much that she was literally banned by all the star wives.
Now, inside talk is that a compromise has been reached but with few conditions. It is heard that Gauri decides which heroine pairs with King Khan. And the same rule applies when he is socializing too. Given the doting hubby that he is, SRK has obliged to all these conditions, as per sources.