Geethanjali Seqel Without Anjali?

Geethanjali is the small film that turned out to be surprise hit of 2014 and set cash registers ringing at the ticket windows. Made on shoe-string budget, the horror comedy featuring Anjali and Srinivas Reddy in the lead roles created box office wonder and managed to get double returns on the investment.
Following the formula, director Raj Kiran is planning to come up with a sequel for the film. What’s more surprising, shocking is that Anjali who pulled off the film on her shoulders, would not be part of the project. Even Kona Venkat who provided screenplay and presented the film, would be kept away from the sequel. 
Going by reports, even actor Srinivas Reddy who played pivotal role in materialising original Geethanjali may not be part of its sequel Director Raj Kiran announced the sequel stating that a popular hero and heroine would reprise the roles in its sequel whereas first-timer producer Chinna Babu will be testing his hand at production. So, Geethanjali 2 will miss Kona’s trademark screenplay and Anjali’s glam quotient. The big question how far audience will receive these changes?