Gifts for UP-Insults for AP

It is a well known fact that politicians are more interested in money making than doing any good for the people or society. As such they call for tenders or announce new projects so that they can stash public funds to their benami accounts. They give tenders and contracts to their near and dear and never complete the projects. They play a pivotal role in increasing the cost of the project that never become operational even after decades. The on going political games on Polavaram-Pranahita projects highlight the dirty political games.
Telangana politicians oppose Polavaram project not because of any love for telangana but for political ends. In fact they have their share in tenders and contracts in the project. Similar is the case with Pranahita. Politicians don’t want the projects to get completed as it will put an end to their source of income generation. Whenever CM Kiran and leaders from state go to Delhi, they make noises regarding Polavaram and say Union Govt gave all approvals for the project. However the facts point to some other direction. The Govt never gave any approval but only asked state to sort out issues with other states.
The same Govt cleared all power and other projects in UP on fast track basis. This is shame on 33 MPs of the state who are only working for their vested interests ignoring the need and necessity of these projects to AP. Congress doles gifts to UP the state which continuously handed its PM in waiting Rahul Gandhi, unforgettable defeats and insults to AP with gave 33 MP seats and helped in Govt formation.This time however many feel that AP is all set to teach a fitting lesson to all these impotent MPs and show Cong its place.