‘God of Death’ success blessings

People however strong or rich will always fear at the mere mention of ‘God of Death’ Yama’s name. However it seems he is enjoying Tollywood silver screen as in many films he gave success blessings to film makers who made films featuring him on Tollywood silver screen. Right from Sr NTR’s ‘YamaGola’ to Mega Star’s ‘Yamudiki Mogudu’ all the films became sensational hits. One still can not forget Jr NTR’s ‘Yama Donga’ which gave him the star status once again in the film industry. Even Venu and Srikanth starred in ‘Yamagola Malli Modalayyindi’ some time back entertaining movie lovers. More recently many films like RaviTeja’s ‘Daruvu’ and some more featuring Yama are waiting in the anvil to entertain movie lovers.
Some more films like ‘Yamaho Yama’ and others are coming to provide hilarious entertainment on silver screen.Now even Allari Naresh is planning to turn genex ‘Yamudiki Mogudu’ seeking success blessings from Yama. Some of the silver screen Yamas who thrilled viewers include Satyanarayana, Mohan Babu and more recently Prabhu, Shayaji Shinde and Srihari are rearing to joing the distinguished list. It is truly a wonder that ‘God of Death’ instead of scaring people who are makingThis shows that though people fear ‘God of Death’ Tollywood film makers and movie lovers love ‘Yama’ for blessing the industry with success providing entertainment on silver screen.