Gollabhama Gets A Replacement In Rangasthalam

Since the past couple of days, the controversy over the song Rangamma Mangamma from the much-anticipated film Rangasthalam has become a hot topic in T-town. The word ‘Gollabhama’ in the song has created a ruckus with some associations demanding for its removal.

Yadava community has demanded to remove the word ‘Gollabhama’ from the song, as it defaming the women who belong to their community reportedly. They gave a warning to the makers to remove the phrase or else they will stage protest against the release of the film. As per the latest reports, the director has replaced Gollabhama with another word.

A day before, Sukumar clarified that the word means grasshopper and they don’t have any intention to hurt the people from any community. Vexed with the ongoing controversy, they replaced the word with Goruvanka. Last year, the same happened with Duvvada Jagannadam film, as some Brahmin’s demanded the makers to rephrase the wordings like ‘namakam chamakam’ from Gudilo Badillo song and the makers agreed to it.

Looks like these days, instead of focusing on serious issues, people from Telugu states more worried about lyrics of songs in films.