Good News for NRIs and their Lonely Parents!

In today’s world, they are many apps that will allow you to call for an Ambulance. But what if we tell you a one click can call ambulance that is available nearest to the location and alert your relatives in case of a medical emergency now.

“Yes! It is a reality now” says Rohit, the Chief Technology Officer of the Hyderabad based medical alert start up MiSuraksha.

Talking more about MiSuraksha, Rohit shared few interesting facts on a recent survey:

– 90 percent of the senior adults do not know the nearest hospital
– 90 percent of the senior adults do not use or want to use smart apps
– 90 percent of the senior adults do not know phone number of the nearest hospital
– 75 percent of the senior adults believe that neighbors will help them.

An alarming personal experience with my mother (who believed that neighbors will be able to help in emergency) motivated me to start

Inspired from Emergency Panic Response (EPR) mechanism, MiSuraksha has successfully pioneered the effort here in Hyderabad, the first city to have a medical emergency alert system in India.

Briefly about MiSuraksha:

A click on the ERP device delivered to you will activate a request from the device and within just 4 seconds MiSuraksha call center will receive the request. Innovative technology of MiSuraksha will identify the nearest ambulance and send the details immediately.

Your kith and kin close by shall be alerted and we shall closely track the ambulance until it attends the emergency (team will validate the emergency), thereby putting an end to our role and responsibility.

The service is available at an affordable price (Rs 5044/- for 3 months & Rs 12,226/- for 1 year subscription) or 9.99$ per month. In addition to this, 70 percent rebate on extension of the subscription/re-subscription.

Mi Suraksha services are available now in all towns/villages/cities across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Mi Suraksha currently has a monitoring center in Hyderabad. They plan to expand the services to other states.

As an early bird offer, MiSuraksha is providing complimentary health care service and discounted health insurance to its new customers.

Misuraksha envisions to be your first choice of holistic security for everyone and aspires to emerge as numero uno in the sector of affordable security products that can reach to all kinds of people. In this year, it plans to launch a series of products.

Misuraksha is actively looking for mentors who can help them take it to the next level.