Good To See Our Celebs Talking On This

Certain incidents don’t even invite our celebs talking about them on social media and other places. For example, many Telugu stars kept mum to talk about #APSpecialStatus issue. Recently many didn’t even respond on Article 377 verdict as well. But at least, this particular incident is making them open up.

Other day Ram Charan also responded on the honor killing that happened in Miryalguda, Telangana, where a youngster named Pranay got killed by his wife’s father for marrying against their wishes. Earlier, the likes of Manchu Manoj and Nikhil have come down heavily on the incident and condemned the so-called ‘caste’ indifference.

If we have to tell frankly, Telugu Film industry is laced with the huge dose of casteist feelings and caste-fanatics often worship heroes of their caste only. That’s the reason we see certain castes divided for certain heroes. And the likes of Charan and Manoj not only gave these anti-caste statements on Twitter but in turn they married people from other castes, standing as true examples.

Film personalities will create a huge impact on the society and if they join hands to eradicate caste system, definitely we will see new Telugu states before seeing new India. Hope many more stars will respond on Pranay incident and stands together to demand justice for the poor soul who left this world leaving his wife and their unborn kid in permanent distress.