Gossip: Who is Behind Pawan?

On the day of Chandrababu Naidu’s hunger strike protesting the Centre’s gross injustice to AP, Pawan’s attempt to divert the attention is now raising several suspicions. Despite the fact that Sri Reddy and Ram Gopal Varma’s issue has no connection with TDP or media, Pawan’s attempt to politicize it to score a few points politically and also to do mudslinging against Chandrababu, Lokesh are all indicating that there is a strong power behind Pawan. Instead of doing politics for State, giving far more importance to his personal issues are bringing flak from common people who are seeking justice form the Central Government.

Rumours are rife that BJP could be behind Pawan. Also, if one closely observes, Pawan has reacted very late on Sri Reddy issue as well. It took him three days to react and 4 days to post the video on his Twitter page. All these clearly indicate to keep this in news for long and to gain from the whole scenario instead of moving legally, opine many political experts.

Obviously, no one should support the abusive comments Sri Reddy had made on Pawan, his family. But the fact that what is Pawan seeking or demanding or expecting from Sri Reddy or RGV who have already apologized. If Pawan seeks to sue them, he certainly has the right and he should move the court.

It is speculated that Pawan is making the issue in order to sideline crucial aspects such as Special Category Status, Railway Zone for Visakhapatnam, funds for the Capital City and a lot more. This is to divert the burning issue of gross injustice done to AP, opine many.