I Only Got Dress Stitched For Bunny’s Son

A couple of days ago, Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s son is seen posing like Sound Engineer Chittibabu from the film “Rangasthalam”. Talking about that, his mother Sneha Reddy declared that the cute one is a hardcore fan of Cherry Mama. But how come the dress?

“One day Bunny called me to talk casual stuff. During that time he told me that he wants to send Ayaan to our home as he can’t bear the kid’s everyday routine of listening to Rangasthalam songs loudly. That excited me. Immediately I’ve got two pairs of Chittibabu like outfits stitched for Ayaan and sent it to him” said Ram Charan, explaining how Ayaan surfaced in that outfit.

Also, this episode shows how bonded Mega family is and how they will share that love for each other’s films. Bunny fondly called his son ‘Yenta Sakkugunnav Bey’ after seeing him in that dress. And Charan revealed that both Chiranjeevi and Allu Arvind are the anchors of the family, and keeps all the cousins united.

“We meet regularly at birthday parties, festivals and other events in the family. We discuss everything except cinema. We (almost eight actors) are closely bonded” says Charan, a bit proudly.