Governor’s greed for power !

AP Governor ESL.Narasimhan’s ways many times came in for severe criticism. While his predecessors used to stay aloof away from on going politics in the state, Narasimhan started taking undue interest and showed his ever ready willingness to take on the mantle. When he took charge the situation in the state was such that any moment many exposed president’s rule. However Cong did not impose and during Rosaiah regime Governor had free hand in the functioning of the Govt. Even when Kiran took over charge for some time he had a free hand and now that Kiran trying to impose his stamp on the functioning of Govt, all those who had free hand till now started feeling the heat.
When CM Kiran scored first victory stopping supply of Gas to Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri’s plant many congress ministers accused CM of playing politics and bringing down the image of petroleum minister Jaipal Reddy. Even Governor who went to Delhi to submit some report instead of hailing the efforts of CM Kiran ,criticised all the controversy over Gas saying when there were no natural gas resources in AP, how can the state CM and media make such a hue and cry over the whole non issue. This is not the first time Governor has shown his penchant for controversial statements. Even earlier also instead of keeping quite he issued some statements on T-issue and many other burning problems.
This shows who are the real enemies of CM Kiran. It has to be seen how Kiran tackles with non cooperative ministers, colleagues and even first person of Andhra Pradesh.