Gov’t dispppoints with New Liquer Policy !

When a cat is drinking milk, it thinks that no one around is looking at her. Same thing applies to our ministers who think that no one is looking when they are drinking ‘liquor’ through the new policy.
Government has got its new excise policy in front of state, which is quite disappointing and mostly rubbish. There is nothing like to put a check to the alleged syndicate frauds. Only change in the policy is the fee structure and a threat saying that Excise Department will cancel the license if shops sale liquor above MRP. While everyone expected a radical policy that eradicates scope for all kind of liquor scams, Ministers have fooled people with this. As usual, people are ready to give bribes for license and to give gifts for getting additional liquor stock.
All these days, our ministers who formed as a troupe after ex-Excise Minister Mopidevi is sent behind bars, gave a coloring that they are making a ‘super’ policy. At last they have made this stupid one once again to give more work to ACB.