Govt’s Legal aid to Loot !?

When AP Government headed by Congress decided to provide legal aid to six of their cabinet ministers who received Supreme Court notices on GO’s issued by them during YSR’s regime, many eye brows were raised about the legality of the whole issue. The Govt even tried to extend the legal aid to one of its BC Minister who was presently in Jail arrested on corruption charges but went back fearing backlash from opposition parties and public in general. Common man was aghast as to how hard earned money which they paid in the form of taxes for the overall development of the State could be used to support the misdeeds of ministers. This is for the first time in country and legal history where a state government has taken sides in support of its ministers even after highest court of the Country, Supreme Court found fault with.
Many feel it is legal aid to loot. While law enforcing authorities question common man on filmsy grounds and threatening to put them behind the bars, they turn blind eye on their higher authorities and political bosses even though they are found guilty. The argument of ministers that they were unaware of the GOs and trying to wash out that they were pressurised to sign the GOs finds no locus standi in court and people are laughing at their argument. They feel the ministers are trying to act too smart portraying being innocent while they are actually hand in glove in all these dark deeds.