GPS Effect: Guna Letter to AP Govt. for RD Tax Exemption


Passionate filmmaker Gunasekhar’s historical magnum opus collected the highest ever share among the historical entertainers till date. Yet, the film stood as just an above grosser at the box office due to extravagance in its investment. Uncompromising attitude of Gunasekhar in making the film is said to be the reason for the movie’s high budget.

The director-producer applied for tax exemption of his film to AP and Telangana governments. As ‘Rudhramevi’, then empress ruled South India, both the governments of Telugu states were expected to exempt the entertainment tax for the film.

Telangana government moved generously and exempted the tax for the film. Unfortunately, the AP government ignored the appeal of Gunasekhar. In fact, ‘Rudhramadevi’ was said to have ruled even Amaravati according to historians and Markapuram Sashanam revealed the same.

In contrast, the AP government didn’t hesitate announcing the tax exemption to Basava Rama Taraka Puthra Balakrishna’s historical film ‘Gauthamiputra Satakarni’. As Balakrishna being bawa of CBN, the AP government exempted tax for GPS,” opined some observers. In the meanwhile, Gunasekhar wrote a letter to the AP government seeking entertainment tax for his film. This is a wise move by the director-producer and the AP government should do the favour to the filmmaker who shelled in crores of rupees on the project.