Grand Alliance or Bland Alliance?

Quite shockingly even the political parties that have zero representation and that lacks any strength have been naming their alliance as ‘Grand Alliance’ in the Andhra Pradesh. This is now triggering political debate. All politically unemployed persons and parties together have forged an alliance and claiming it as ‘Grand’ Alliance.

Usually, any alliance that lacks principal and major Opposition party cannot be a grand alliance against a ruling government. This is simple and well-known. However, CPM, CPI, Janasena, Lok Satta, Aam Admi Party claimed to have formed a ‘Grand’ alliance. With too little hold, these parties have no significant presence. And none of the parties have no known faces other than Pawan and JP.

And one interesting fact one has to observe is all these parties that joined their forces against ruling TDP have equally distanced with from Opposition leader YS Jagan. This itself conveys to people that even all opposition parties are not in favour of Jagan. It in turn indicates that Chandrababu Naidu has no strong alternative. Many in political circuits and senior analysts are describing it as a ‘Bland’ Alliance!