Gudumba Shankar shades in Racha

Ram Charan’s Racha that has been on sets for almost a year is finally getting ready for release. The film is expected to release in first week of April. So, how are the expectations of general public on the film? Frankly speaking, there are no big expectations in general public on this film. Only mega fans are excited about it.
Any big star’s film sets high expectations if it has a star director to bank upon. But Racha movie’s director Sampath Nandi is not a star. So it is up to Charan to raise the expectations on the film. Leaked song from the film did add some spice to the film though. But the stills that were released to the media are lacking the punch.
Few pictures of Ram Charan and Tamanna give an impression that it has shades of Pawan’s flop film Gudumba Shankar. It means proper care is not being taken about setting high expectations on the movie. When the film doesn’t have enough craze, the team has to be even careful with these minute things which could help the movie in a big way.