Guess who suggested the title of ‘Chi La Sow’!

Hero Sushanth has changed his track and is coming up with a different film in the form of ‘Chi La Sow.’The teaser and songs of the film have garnered good response and with Annapurna Studios backing the film, the expectations have doubled on it.With this film actor Rahul Ravindran is making his directorial debut. But guess who suggested the title for the film.

Well, it is comedian ‘Vennela’ Kishore. Getting to know about the theme of the film, he reportedly suggested this title to Rahul Ravindran.After giving a thought, even Rahul got convinced with Kishore’s suggestion and went ahead with title. That’s sounds quite interesting.

‘Chi La Sow’ is about two strangers who get married in 24 hours time. Ruhani Sharma is getting introduced as lead actress with this film.

The release is slated on August 3rd.