Gujarat Chief Minister Pats Dr. Ghazal Srinivas

Dr Ghazal Srinivas who is now on a mission of Ganga Sudh and Gomata Samrakshan has received a pat from Smt. Anandiben Patel, the Chief Minister of Gujarat. She sent an appreciation note to Dr.Ghazal Srinivas on his latest Hindi Album “Mandir” produced by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) &, which promotes Sanathana Dharma and Hindu Culture.
As the first step towards his noble cause, Dr.Ghazal Srinivas made an album (Mandir) in Hindi comprising songs those ignite, inspire and instigate the listeners explaining them the need to save temples, cleanse Ganga and protect the cows. He sent the album to a few Ministers and Chief Ministers and received the first response from the CM of Gujarat.
“It’s a great moment and the greatest feedback from Anandiben ji. Citizens like me can propel in a better way with an encouragement from the Honorable Chief Ministers like this. I am humbled and thank Anandiben ji for her gesture”, said Dr Ghazal Srinivas. Let us wish his mission steps ahead successfully and contributes for better India.