‘Guru Shishyulu’ Friendly Fight for Pawan

Many a times on various instances, director Harish Shankar showered his respect and admiration for Puri Jagannath. In fact, Harish feels himself as a ‘Shishya’ to his ‘Guru’ Puri. Now, this would be an interetsing and friendly fight of sorts between these two as both are dealing Powerful Star Pawan Kalyan without any gap. Yes, when Harish is directing Pawan for ‘Gabbar Singh,’ very immediately Puri will show our hero as ‘Ram Babu’ in ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu.’ So, who will showcase Pawan in best of the style will be the quesition of hour.
In either ways, Pawan is lucky as he needs a strong hit from both the flicks. If Harish delivers it first with ‘Gabbar Singh’ then Puri will obviously be on edge. Wish that this ‘Guru Shishyulu’ gives new lease to BO in 2012 in the name of Power Star.