Happiest Country in the World is..


Everyone wish to live in world’s happiest place bereft of all pressures, tensions and problems. For those international organisation Gallup-Healthways conducted a survey and found out Global Well Being Index for the year 2013. 

The survey was conducted in more than 135 countries and Panama topped the list becoming the World’s happiest country. USA the most preferred destination came 14th while conflict ridden Afghanistan and Syria got he lowest scores. 

Following factors like fiancial status and others with contribute to social well being,love life, relationships, purpose, goals, physical health are considered while finding out global well being index. 

Following are the ranks of various countries. 

Happiest Countries

Countries         % Votes
Panama:             61 
Costa Rica:         44
Denmark:            40
Austria:               39
Brazil:                 39
El Salvador:        37
Uruguay:            37
Sweden:             36
Canada:             34
Guatemala:        34

Least ranked countries

Countries                                    % Votes

Syria:                                             1 
Afghanistan:                                  1
Haiti:                                              3          
Democratic Republic of Congo:    5
Chad:                                             5
Madagascar:                                  6
Uganda:                                         6
Benin:                                             6
Croatia:                                          7
Georgia:                                         7