Harassed In The Name Of Cases

Every citizen of Andhra Pradesh came out in protest against the bifurcation decision and contributed his or her bit for the cause of keeping the State united.Putting aside all considerations of caste, creed and religion, the Andhras came together as on efor the cause of Samaikhyandhra.

Unfortunately, their best efforts proved in vain thanks to backstabbing by Andhra politicians.And post-bifurcation, neither could these politicians prove to be successful in getting Andhra its fair due. But the Telugu Desam Party is perpetrating the biggest injustice of all.Cases were filed during the Samaikhyandhra agitation against the Andhras for opposing bifurcation. That is understandable as the police were just doing their job.

What is not clear is why these cases are still pending even four years after bifurcation? Why does the TDP government not issue a GO and lift all the cases against the people in one go?Why are TDP cadre being cleared and other party workers and common people still being harassed in the name of Samaikhyandhra agitation cases. It was for Andhra that they fought Chandrababu, they are our own people.

Despite having given a letter in support of Telangana, the people of AP made you a CM. Is this how you repay them now?